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80 Muslim migrants convert to Christianity by pastor Albert Babayan

Thousands of Muslim migrants convert to Christianity in mass baptisms after reaching Europe... but are they just desperate for asylum? …. (MailOnline –

Thousands of Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity after they arrive in Europe, raising concerns they are being carried out in a cynical attempt to gain asylum.

One Evangelical-Lutheran church in Berlin has seen 1,200 Muslim converts in the past three years, while another 80 were baptised at a ceremony in Hamburg.

Now some church leaders have claimed the conversions are done under pressure - with the migrants being taken advantage of due to their desperation for a better life.

'Unless it saves lives, we are not eager to convert. In that case however, we convert anyone who wants to. This is what our church did to help Jews in the Second World War.'

Another official said such conversions were advantageous to applicants, because once converted they could not be sent home without their lives being at risk.

This was because in many Middle Eastern countries, turning one's back on Islam was punishable by death.

Recently one church in Hamburg converted 80 people from Iran and Afghanistan in one ceremony, reported.

Its pastor, Albert Babayan, says he has completed several hundred so far this year and is expected to top 500 by the end of December.

Armweeklynews [29.05.2016]
80 Muslim migrants convert to Christianity by pastor Albert Babayan