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Aremnian Church's Supreme Spiritual Council Meets in New York

  /TASS/. South Ossetia’s President Leonid Tibilov intends to convene a meeting of the Political Council on the restoration of the Republic’s historical name of Alania, Tibilov’s spokesperson Gana Yanovskaya told TASS on Thursday. "The historical name restoration issue is still on the agenda, moreover, based on the president’s instructions work on this matter has been carried out throughout the current year," she said. Yanovskaya pointed out that in December 2015 Tibilov told reporters that he was ready to restore South Ossetia’s historical name.

 The relevant directives were given, a number of meetings was held. "We have been constantly consulting scholars, experts and politicians from South Ossetia as well as North Ossetia. Efforts are still underway," the presidential spokesperson added. According to her, the South Ossetian head has received hundreds of letters from residents of the Republic and Ossetians living in Russia and other countries.

 "Letters in support of this idea continue to arrive in the President’s office, besides, there a lot of posts on social networks. Most of the letters suggest that our country should be renamed the Republic of South Ossetia-Alania, all these letters have been presented to the president.

Within a month’s time he will set the date of the Political Council’s meeting, where representatives of the political parties and public organizations as well as scholars will take part. The participants will discuss the options regarding the formulation of the issue for the future work," Yanovskaya said.

Armenweeklynews [04.11.2016]
Aremnian Church's Supreme Spiritual Council Meets in New York
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