Jerusalem holy site - Change the racist name of "The Young Turks"

  Please sign this petition: Change the racist name of "The Young Turks"
 July 1908, a nationalistic movement known as The Young Turks took control of the Ottoman Empire. With help from the Ottoman government and the Talaat Pasha, the Young Turks were responsible for a genocide which claimed the lives of over 1.5 million innocent people.

 Starting with the murders of hundreds of intellectuals and dissidents, laws were passed for depopulating Turkey of the Armani minority. Villages were systematically burned to the ground whilst their populations were marched into the desert to die. Those who resisted were shot.

 History on this subject is not widely known about as the Turkish government has tried to cover up this terrible past, but the pain lingers on.

  For this reason, I am calling on the left-wing political commentary organization "The Young Turks" to change it's disgusting name. Social pressure has already been levied against sports teams such as the Washington Redskins to change their name and places such as Rapides des Nègres (nigger rapids) have been pressured to change also.

 It's time for The Young Turks news team to change.

  Historical implications matter in a name. Cultural sensitivity matters in a name. We would not allow "hitler youth" to be a company name, this is no different.

Cenk Uygur defends his name choice by saying his idea came from "young progressives looking to overthrow an established system."

But no excuse for this name should over shadow its brutal history.

Please share this petition vigorously, as many of this type have come and failed.

Armenweeklynews [06.11.2016] - Change the racist name of "The Young Turks"
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