Armenia Sends Another Round of Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Part of the humanitarian aid shipped to Syria as a result of the assignment given by the President of Armenia, and in accordance with the agreement reached between Armenian and Russian Defense ministries, was transported to Syria’s capital Damascus.

After the arrival of a shipment of humanitarian aid in Latakia, Syria on Wednesday, Armenia reported the shipment of a second round on Thursday, per the instruction of President Serzh Sarkisian and in accordance with agreements reached between the defense ministries of Armenia and Russia.

 The humanitarian aid that arrived in Latakia on Wednesday and was received by the representative of the Armenian Embassy in Syria was transported by vans t to four cities—Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia, and Kessab, where the aid will be distributed among the needy families.

Armenia’s defense ministry said in a release that humanitarian aid for civilians affected by the conflict in Syria and consisting mainly of food and clothing, was unloaded in the territory of Damascus St. Sargis Armenian Church.

According to the source, Armenian Embassy to the Syrian Arab Republic and the Armenian community members are set to facilitate the distribution of the aid.

Armenia’s Ambassador Arshak Poladyan during the unloading, has noted that Armenian community of Syria is a traditional and well-established community with its various institutions, while Syrian-Armenians enjoy positive reputation in the Arab Republic (

“The initiative of delivering a humanitarian aid as assigned by the President of Armenia even further strengthens the development of Armenian-Syrian brotherly relations,” the Ambassador has noted.

This was the third phase of humanitarian relief shipments to Syria this year. The first shipment arrivd and was distributed in February.

Armenweeklynews [11.06.2017]
Armenia Sends Another Round of Humanitarian Aid to Syria
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