Armenian Museum to host ‘Scars of Silence’ exhibit

The Armenian Museum of America has a new special exhibition, “Scars of Silence,” planned for this fall in the Adele and Haig Der Manuelian gallery on the third floor of the museum, 65 Main St., Watertown.

Opening reception and gallery talk will take place 6-8 p.m. Sept. 28, with the exhibit on display through Jan. 27.

The exhibition, curated by artist and designer Jennifer Liston Munson, includes excerpts from a film by Nubar and Abby Alexanian and photographs by Nubar Alexanian. “Scars of Silence” chronicles Armenian-American father and daughter as they embark on a journey to their ancestral homeland as an act of reparative resistance.

The work reveals the legacy of the Armenian Genocide (1915–1923), bringing to the surface the consequences of Turkish denial — psychological and political — that have contributed to the subconscious suppression of loss for three generations and offers a personal account of what it means to be Armenian today.

Munson, the Armenian Museum’s newly appointed director of exhibitions and creative services, came upon the project while viewing photos at Project SAVE, Armenian Photograph Archives, also based in Watertown.

When Nubar and Munson met, a collaboration began as they connected conceptually and aesthetically with a shared vision to link the legacy of the past to the present. Issues of identity, loss and reclamation reveal publicly a personal narrative to create an intimate exhibition that offers the viewer the chance to linger and contemplate notions of awakening and belonging.

“We hope to invite new audiences to the museum as well as those who haven’t visited in a while to share this important story that will resonate with Armenian Americans as well as others touched by loss and renewal,” said Munson.

The museum is also launching a new branding campaign with the opening of this exhibition. Under the new leadership of Michele Kolligian, board of trustees president, the museum is updating its website, collateral, programming and gallery displays.

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Armenian Museum to host ‘Scars of Silence’ exhibit
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