Recognize the Armenian genocide

“Nor Zartonq” (New Awakening) demands recognition, apology and reparations from Turkey

Turkey’s “Nor Zartonq” (New Awakening) Armenian non-governmental organization has issued a statement on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and has stated its demands to the Turkish government.

According to, the organization’s statement particularly reads as follows: “The last cycle of the crime of genocide and the most dangerous manifestation of continuity of the crime is the denial of genocide.

The existence and possessions of the Republic of Turkey are hinged on this crime against humanity, but the Republic of Turkey continues to lead its policy of elimination, denial and assimilation with determination. In the current situation that has been created, a new policy of denial is coming to replace the crude policy of denial. With that new policy, an attempt is being made to forget the genocide under the name of ‘condolence’.

The representatives of “Nor Zartonq” stress that the events that have been held on the occasion of the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey over the past few years are of major importance from the perspective of establishing relations between different nations residing in the country and learning how to lead a common struggle. However, according to them, these events must not be turned into a process of ‘self-cleansing of an individual of remorse’.

We don’t want remorse, but justice. The state must confront all the crimes committed against humanity on which it has been created and especially the Armenian Genocide,” the statement reads, as reported

The Armenian organization has also stated the following demands addressed to the Turkish government:

-Acknowledge that what happened is genocide and apologize.

-Grant citizenship to the Armenians of the Diaspora originating from these lands, without any conditions;

-Turkey must open the unilaterally closed Armenian-Turkish border, without preconditions;

-Indicate in the presses and in textbooks the perpetrators of the genocide and those continuing the policy of denial and terminate any cooperation with them;

-Renovate and return the schools, hospitals, churches and other similar public structures pertaining to the Armenians;

-Investigate the properties that the Turkish bourgeoisie accumulated after 1915 and make reparations for the damages that were caused to those subject to genocide;

-Liquidate all the organizations established to advocate denial of the Armenian Genocide and provide the funds of the budget that the state spends for leading a policy of denial to serve for confrontation;

-Recognize the collective rights of all nations of Turkey and ensure the necessary conditions for those nations to live together and in peace.

It is also stated that only the struggle for the fulfillment of these demands will help prevent future genocides. [25.04.2016]
“Nor Zartonq” (New Awakening) demands recognition, apology and reparations from Turkey
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