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Armenian Assembly Elected New Board of Trustees and announced an Action Alert

The Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) held its annual members and Board of Trustees meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. The meeting featured reports from Board of Trustees Co-Chairmen Van Krikorian and Anthony Barsamian, Board President Carolyn Mugar, and other board members and staff. Members also approved the Assembly’s annual budget and amended by-laws. The Board of Trustees meeting will hereafter convene every two years, rather than annually, to review the organization’s budget, endowment fund, and audit reports.

The Trustees also confirmed the new board slate presented by the Board of Trustees Nominating Committee, electing Co-Chairmen Anthony Barsamian and Van Krikorian, Assistant Secretary Lisa Kalustian, and Talin Yacoubian to a four-year board term. The other board members will be up for election in two years.

The Assembly’s current Board of Trustees include Anthony Barsamian, Co-Chairman; Van Krikorian, Co-Chairman; Hirair Hovnanian, Chairman Emeritus; Carolyn Mugar, President; Robert A. Kaloosdian, Vice Chairman and Counselor; Edele Hovnanian, Vice President; Bianka Kadian-Dodov, Treasurer; Oscar Tatosian, Secretary; Lisa Kalustian, Assistant Secretary; Aram Gavoor; Alex Karapetian; Raffi Kassarjian; Lu Ann Ohanian; Toros Sahakian; Joyce Stein; Annie Totah; and Talin Yacoubian. Mark Momjian will continue to serve as Solicitor.

Armenian Assembly also has announced an Action Աlert ՛՛Denounce Azerbaijan’s Aggression, Defend Artsakh's Freedom’’ to send messages to U.S. Senators and members of U.S. House Representatives.

Required text will be included in message that Action՛s willing participants are going to send.

----------------------------------------- [19.05.2016]
Armenian Assembly Elected New Board of Trustees and announced an Action Alert
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