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Leaders worry about the next generation, politicians worry about the next election

The whole economy – indeed the whole country –suffers from corruption in Armenia, the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills stated on Friday 11th December 2015 at the meeting with the representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham).

If frankly, the word “corruption” used to be abused. These are thieves (Government) . Let’s not abuse the word please. Corruption is a cosmetic word for theft and embezzlement. Corruption does not make billions to disappear from State budget. Corruption too mild to describe this naked thievery.

We need new words.

The Bible tells us to honour and pray for our leaders. Two key questions arise from this: Do these people governing us meet the definition of leaders? A great man once said leaders worry about the next generation, but politicians worry about the next election. Well, this is not a leadership summit, but one key characteristic of good leaders is that they know when to leave and they know how to groom future

The main question is: do these so-called leaders have honour? Their conduct is disgusting and they do not exhibit honour.

What's the difference between Politicians and Thieves?

Thiefs: They steal your money then run
Politicians: They run and then steal your money

Their minds are corrupt and they are selfish..

We need new names.

They practice “blamocracy”, blaming any person who challenges their ideas as being funded by the West and treasonous. They blame sanctions even on their own failures. The word “sanctions” has now become a cliché or rather a scapegoat. You see, when the only tool that you have is a hammer, you try to solve every problem with a nail, they no longer have anything else to blame.

No, we need new wards and names.

They have shielded themselves with impervious walls built upon nepotism and corporate incest, they are the untouchables.

Whenever a person challenges their policies, they resort to character assassination. They do not take any advice from anyone outside of their system. In fact, whenever a citizen speaks, they separate wheat from chaff and they take the chaff instead of the wheat.

We need new names.

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Leaders worry about the next generation, politicians worry about the next election
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