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The benefits of love and sex for the aging brain

CBSnews - Love and sex later in life: "It doesn't get old"
Dr. Helen Fisher , a biological anthropologist from U.S. , who has been studying love for 40 years, believes falling in love is healthy in many ways.

"Romantic love drives up the dopamine system in the brain and with that you get energy, focus, motivation, ecstasy, and optimism," said Fisher.

She describes humans as a group animal in need of "that pair bond for good health." And with that bond comes attraction and physical affection.

"The sex drive... that's very good for the lungs, the heart, it's good for promoting sleep, it boosts the immune system, it's very good for the skin, it drives oxygen to the brain," said Fisher.

Scientific research backs up the benefits of sex for the aging brain. A study published in January in the U.K. medical journal "Age and Ageing" found that people over 50 who have active sex lives appear to have better cognitive function and memory than their peers who are less sexually active.

"These brain systems for romantic love and attachment and the sex drive, and people who can get that in later years with a wonderful partner, are going to have better health and longer life," said Fisher.

‘’Have a partner," said Bridget.

CBSnews/ [25.05.2016]
The benefits of love and sex for the aging brain
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