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Savage Barbarians rule the World

VeteransToday: The Civilized Choice Is Going Extinct

The LIE of all the “colour revolutions,” funded by the Soros Foundation and their NGOs that has caused and still is causing devastation in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentine, Venezuela, Macedonia, Hong Kong, South Arica …. the list keeps getting longer, all in order to implement NOT “free trade agreements” through such vehicles as the TTP and the TTIP which will destroy Nation State Sovereignty, private property ownership, private enterprise and enfranchisement across the globe.

The result will be a Corporate Fascist System (not capitalist) one world unipolar government controlled by a dictatorial small group of corporations, commonly referred to as the Vampire Squid, who will rule the planet.

One example of their machinations is the patenting of all food resources through genetic engineering in the hands of such companies as Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta. Another is the Corporate Fascist control of all water resources by companies like Nestle who do not believe that water is a human right. They will be charging you for the air that you breathe next.

The savage, barbaric, primitive organ harvesters who take advantage in any and all armed conflicts to steal human organs from the living and the dead and make a profit for themselves. Theft, lies and murder on a grand scale.

The blatant theft in the central banking system (too big to fail banker bailouts, libor rate rigging, currency rate rigging, high frequency trading, gold price manipulation) that has been robbing the populations of the world blind in the last 100 years and lining the pockets of a few private Black Nobility, P2 lodge families in all nations around the word who believe they have the “god given” divine right to rule. They are a bunch of criminal punks no more and no less than your corner drug dealer.

As a result, the middle class across the planet has now been progressively decimated leaving only two tiers of society. The 1% trillionaires and the 99% poverty stricken living on the bread line as slaves to their system. The feudal system never went anywhere. It just got a different marketing company and painted itself “capitalist” when it is anything but. All politicians and political parties are their bought and paid for stooges with rigged elections.

The LIE of “climate change” which is geo-engineering, weather modification, weather warfare and chemtrails are sold to the public under yet another lie for profit, gain and political manipulation of nation states that do not tow the line. Droughts, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis are their weapons of choice. They have ways of persuading countries to see things “their way.” Sumatra, Haiti, Fukushima are only a few examples.

The LIE of aliens and reptilians which is and still is being carried out across the board by bought and paid for CIA “truth tellers” to cover up their crimes committed against humanity in order to create a “meme” and a narrative for the purposes of hiding the true horror of what these people have been up to and making them unaccountable for their actions.

Physical experimentation, psychological experimentation and predictive programming is only scratching the surface. They have moved well beyond the likes of Joseph Mengele over 70 years ago, and Manchurian candidates are ten a penny.

MKULTRA Mind control, holograms, hallucinogenic drugs, TV and movie brain washing and the Hollywood costume department creating a massive industry of the “Alien agenda” through “alternate media truth tellers,” to hide their crimes against humanity and blame it on some unseen and uncontrollable entity that is far “superior” than the slave race of the human species that they apparently “created.” Babylon, the Sumerian myths have served them well in the last 40 years or so. It is a LIE.

In other words, like Genesis 2, they have just expanded on the theme in an increasing fractal and keep emphasizing your guilt, your human inferiority, your “helplessness” and inability to take charge of your own destiny, because you are a merely a slave, a Goym, a bunch of sheep to be directed and controlled by wolves. Sheep dogs are in short supply these days and are going extinct.

But then you choose to do so instead of waking up and taking responsibility.

A primitive, savage, barbaric, cannibalistic, human trafficking, child abusing, pedophile, narcotics industry, thieving banking system, NSA Nazi police state control grid rules this planet. And that is a fact. Their weapons of choice are murder, genocide, lies, deceit, theft and slavery. Nothing they say or do is as it seems or what it really is.

They have perfected the two faced Janus to a fine art. The civilized choice is not part of their arsenal. Propaganda and double speak is. They are taking us into another world war. Few voices of reason prevail.

They are in all societies, all sexes, all races, all religions and all nations.

There are only two kinds of people in this world no matter the colour of their skin, the god they worship, the flag they wave or their genitalia.

Those who are liars, cheats, thieves and murderers.

Those who stand up for truth, honesty, justice and righteousness.

Which one are you?

There are only two questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you like watching shadows on the wall in a cave where you are a slave and think you are free?

Or are you finally going to stand up to these barbarians?
By Katherine Frisk on May 24, 2016

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Savage Barbarians rule the World
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